Raw, Abstract, Elegant



In everything we do, we believe in defying mainstream production, in offering a sense of peculiar elegance. We do this through a seamless merge of timeless abstract designs, superior materials, raw execution, and a touch of classic, which happens to make great handmade shoes.

Design First & Foremost

Design is the hallmark of Aielle.

We combine minimalist abstraction of art and geometry with the prestige of high-end fashion, and the classic of English heels.


We fancy quality in our chosen raw materials: the upper, lining, and outsole are all made of ne quality leather and are decomposable in nature. The upper is breathable and sustains its quality as me passes. The lining is chemical-free to ensure no irrita on to the skin, hence our shoes may be worn barefoot. Both upper and lining are resistant to temperature impact and maintain no sweat or smell.

We also adhere to rawness in execution: our shoes are handcrafted with Plane Jane construction to preserve the neat and delicate feel of the shoe and its overall look.

About Aielle

Aielle is a slow fashion footwear brand. Designed and hand-crafted in Istanbul.

Slow fashion is a response to mass production, which results in lower quality, often banal trends, and damage to nature (imagine all that synthetic waste). Aielle promotes healthy consumerism using sustainable materials. All products are Handmade in limited quantities and superior quality control.

Healthy consumerism, however, is often out of reach. Hefty prices counteract the purpose. We believe slow fashion should be more affordable for the message of sustainability to truly spread. Hence we aspire to offer the exclusive feel of luxury dedicated to a larger audience of those sharing our beliefs.

With Slow Fashion production, we look forward to creating bonds with our costumers. We aspire that our products are simply means to a greater end, and that this is just a start of a beautiful friendship.

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